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A Short Bio of French Soccer Gamer – Simply Fontaine

His complete name is Simply “Justo” Fontaine. Fontaine was not born in France, but in Marrakech, Morocco on August 18, 1933. He is an ex-soccer player of French. He is an ex-soccer player of French. Fontaine’s playing position in the field is as Striker. He will always be considered for his efficiency of 1958 World Cup. In the competitors he made 13 goals in just 6 video games. Just Fontaine was the man of objectives and the very first “golden gamer” of the French. Filled with adoration, the advocates entitled the man “Monsieur Dynamite”. In March 2004 Pelé name him as one of the 125 biggest living soccer players.

Simply Fontaine

In his first year with Air Conditioner Marrakesh He got his way playing soccer and was successful the nationwide youth championship. His method led travelling through USM Casablanca. With the club Fontaine ended up being leading goal scorer of Morocco, to France at the age of Twenty Years old.

With his nationwide team of France, his statistics are even more amazing. In December 17, 1953, on his first appearance together with the side, he made a hat technique when France team beat Luxembourg 8-0.

To list his function in club level, Just Fontaine skilled playing soccer with the clubs such as US Casablanca in 1950-1953, OGC Nice in 1953-1956, and Stade Reims in 1956-1962.

In 1961 in 1961 Fontaine founded the National Union of Specialist Football Players with Eugène N’Jo Léa. The French Football Federation chose Fontaine as the very best French player of the last 50 years in the UEFA Jubilee Awards. See more about soccer news here,

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